ReportBase - Features

ReportBase Configuration in ARANSEC (as of Ver. 2.41) ReportBase is a system for administration and graphical presentation of reports from CustoSec Monitoring systems. It is based on a database and comprises the following main components:

A. Data Collector (import interface):

An import interface for the import of monitoring data from CustoSec Monitoring systems. In the multi-source variants of ReportBase in CustSec HQ (Headquarters) this interface imports all registered sources. Checking of imported data and storing in a database with a high performance import filter (securing reimport of lost data etc.).

Implementation and minimal configuration are completed in CustoSec (or ARANSEC). Once the module is activated, data transfer runs automatically.

ReportBase Configuration in CustoSec (as of Ver. 3.01)Data transfer always comprises all data available (Host/Service Details and Performance Data). New hosts as well as new services will be automatically imported into ReportBase.

B. The Administration Programme:

ReportBase Administration UtilityThe administration programme (Administration Utility) is used for administration of ReportBase, creating and maintaining templates and export rules. In a multi source - environment, the sources ad administered here as well.

The number of templates for Host and Service checks is unlimited (either revolving reports or single reports). Templates are created in a step-by-step process in online assistants.

ReportBase Rules One of the important features in ReportBase is the ability to extract the information needed for creating a chart from any string by cutting out parts of strings. This allows to create charts for checks providing output (performance data) which is not following the official rules for NAGIOS checks or checks comprising a lot of different information in their output string.

Warn- and Critical-Values can be extracted from the checks output as well and be incorporated into charts.

It is also possible to create export files based on the checks output and export those regularly, i.e. for further processing in other applications or data warehouses.

Another important feature of ReportBase is the creation of dashboards (cockpit). It is possible to create multiple different dashboards (cockpits) for different purposes. These dashboards are html-based and can be viewed in any web browser.

Weitere Details zu den Funktionen von ReportBase finden sich im Service Bereich, sowie im Wiki von ReportBase (ReportBase Wiki).

C. Der Datenexport

The charts and export files which are defined by templates, are updated regularly once the template is activated. Export files are provided regularly in a web folder, where they can be picked up by other applications.