CustoSec - Products

The CustoSec family of products consists of 3 major systems:

CustoSec Monitoring

The successful and proven monitoring system for small and big networks. The modular design and the availability of many plug-ins allow to build up a monitoring system that meets all requirements to the greatest possible extend.

CustoSec ReportBase

The powerful reporting and analysis system. Define any kind of customized template for graphical display of monitoring data and export them into other systems. Build up your own IT cockpit. ReportBase is available in 2 different versions to enhance CustoSec systems.

CustoSec HQ

CustoSec HQ (Headquarters) allows to manage and control many CustoSec Systems on dislocated locations. CustoSec HQ is the basis for the quick and simple implementation of CustoSec Monitoring in big and (internationally) dislocated networks.


All systems come with their own tested and optimized hardware thus saving time and money. 

A service contract is available for all systems, which allows to keep the systems up-to-date with all updates and upgrades published. It also includes the exchange of hardware in case needed.