CustoSec - Network Monitoring

CustoSec is a system for monitoring IT networks and all IP-capable systems within a network. This includes all kinds of LAN infrastructure, like routers and switches etc., servers and any other hosts. It also includes all sorts of single services and processes running on a host.

Based on an extensive collection of check scripts  with lots of different and easy to use arguments, CustoSec satisfies almost all requirements of a modern monitoring system. Simple as well as in-depth monitoring tasks are implemented quickly and without the need of special Know How. On top of that the monitoring system can easily be enhanced to an environmental monitoring system.

Based on the modular design the system can grow step by step according to the needs and requirements.

CustoSec systems are easy to use and implement and thus helping to build up a monitoring in a fast and cost efficient way.  The time of the IT staff will not be eaten up by the implementation and daily use of the monitoring and therefore is free for other, more important tasks. At the same time the proactive notification on "off schedule"-conditions helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole IT department and beyond.

CustoSec is available in different sizes and provides a powerful and cost-efficient monitoring solution for all sizes and kinds of IT structures.

CustoSec is based on the famous open source monitoring software NAGIOS and has been enhanced with a lot of additional features. This makes CustoSec also an interesting alternative for NAGIOS experts, who want to save the time for documentation and management of their own NAGIOS configuration.

CustoSec is the outcome of a long (and ongoing!) history in development and invoking customers needs and requirements for the monitoring into the system.


CustoSec  - 3rd Generation Network Monitoring!