CustoSec - Network Monitoring

CustoSec is an exceptionally powerful network monitoring system for professional use and provides an extensive functional range. CustoSec is easy to implement and ready to go in the shortest time.

Capabilities of CustoSec range beyond monitoring of IT networks only. CustoSec can be deployed for:

  • monitoring of systems, programs, applications, services and processes
  • monitoring of mission critical information
  • monitoring of manufacturing facilities in Industry
  • monitoring of building technology (i.e. heating systems, air condition systems, etc.)
  • monitoring of physical values and environmental variables like temperature, humidity as far as radio activity

Monitoring of large and multi locational IT structures can easily be build up with CustoSec due on its modular structure. Based on CustoSec HQ ("Headquarters") a wide range of implementation needs can be addressed, like

  • international organizations
  • dislocated monitoring solutions in chain stores

Functional range of the system can be expanded according to individual needs by various plug-ins.

An intuitive and self-explanatory web interface allows configuration and management of the system without special know-how in NAGIOS, the underlying open source network monitoring system. The management of the monitoring system becomes an easy task for network managers.

CustoSec comes as a plug-and-play appliance based on a special hardware system and including the GSM-Module. Implementation is quick and simple.