CustoSec - Features

CustoSec's features aim for a fast, comprehensive and simple implementation. A self-explanatory and easy to learn user interface allows a simple implementation and maintenance of the system by any network manager without any special know-how in NAGIOS and Linux operating systems.

Development of CustoSec was always driven by customer needs and today virtually all requirements towards a comprehensive network monitoring system are fulfilled.

To the surprise of our CustoSec user

First implementation and going productive during the first training for the system are done within a couple of hours, which always comes to a surprise to our new customers, There are no expensive planning projects needed to prepare implementation of network monitoring.

Main Features of CustoSec:

  • CustoSec is shipped as an appliance, based on a carefully selected hardware system and ready installed. No further installations are needed
  • Simple management and configuration of the underlying NAGIOS monitoring system with a web user interface. No additional know-how is needed and implementation and every days management can easily be done by any network manager
  • The user interface is not only self explanatory but also self documentary. No written documentation of the NAGIOS configuration is needed
  • Wide range of monitoring capabilities based on about 200 check scripts. These check scripts can be configured in different shapes and variants to meet all possible requirements
  • An integrated powerful configurations assistant based on a network scanner is the basis for a half automated and fast configuration of CustoSec
  • All changes in the configuration and the testing can be done outside the live monitoring system
  • Notification via mail or SMS
  • Integrated GSM-Module (Quad-Band) does not need any configuration and is ready to work with any GSM Sim-Card
  • Extensive reporting capabilities and the possibility to create and mail reports automatically
  • Secure Update System via different encrypted communication channels
  • Interfaces to extend network monitoring into monitoring of business processes and work flows
  • Wide collection of features for administrators from management of static routes to SNMP walk

Functional range is constantly growing and provided to all customers in updates.

Find more information in theĀ Online Documentation (Wiki).