CustoSec - Extensions and Plug-Ins

CustoSec Plug-Ins provide the opportunity to extend the range of functions to meet special tasks. There are 2 reasons to bundle special functions into plug-ins instad of extending the core system:

  1. Not all customers do need all functions, so it is better to differentiate the systems in functions and pricing.
  2. Certain functions can only be implemented on the newer CustoSec models (as of feb, 2013). They can not be implemented on older ARANSEC systems. An example for this is ReportBase.

The plug-ins are installed automatically with the update system.

The following Plug-Ins are available:

  • I-Series (AS/400):

A package of  checks for monitoring IBM Series I -systems. (compatible with all CustoSec and ARANSEC-systems)

  • Dynamic Directories:

A package for monitoring the changes of content in directories and subdirectories. Unlike the standard checks to monitor directories, which check the actual status, the checks in this package compar the actual status with status on last run of the check. The differences found here are the basis for the checks behaviour. (compatible with all CustoSec and ARANSEC systems).

  • Gamma Scout:

A hardware based system to attach Gamma Scout - systems to measure and monitor radioactive radiation. This extension is delivered on an own hardware basis.  (compatible with all CustoSec and ARANSEC systems)

  • Acknowledgements:

Acknowledgement of notifications by mail.(compatible with all CustoSec and ARANSEC systems)
(Note: Acknowledgement by SMS is a standard feature in ARANSEC and CustoSec)

  • IMAP:

An extensive and highly customizable check for monitoring IMAP Servers including the database structures. (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

  • Live-Status:

A query interface to query monitoring data directly from NAGIOS using a JASON web service. Including documentation and testing page. (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

  • PNP4Nagios:

Interface and Integration of PNP4Nagios reporting tool. Graphical output of performance data (standard checks). (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

  • Extended Web Server Monitoring:

Extension with 3 check packets for web server monitoring including SSL certificates. Web server can also be monitored via Proxy Servers. Monitoring of certificate validity, HTTP/HTTPS/Proxy connections, basic web / proxy server authentication. Age, size, time to respond,  redirections a website; searching for strings / multiple regular expressions. Including a status wrapper for evaluation of websites. (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

  • Vantage Pro Weather Station:

Extensive check for monitoring physical values of the professional weather station Vantage Pro (Davis Instruments Corporation). All available sensors of the weather station can be monitored (temperature, humidity, rain rate, UV radiation, wind force and direction,...). Multiple weather stations can be monitored. (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

  • ReportBase:

ReportBase is a template based reporting system for visualization of reporting data. Read more on the ReportBase product pages.  (Compatibility: All ARANSEC HE-Systems, All CustoSec)

For more information please contact us. Prices are published in the pricelist.