CustoSec HQ  - Distributed Monitoring Systems

CustoSec HQ (HQ=Headquarters) is a system for management and analysis of attached autonomous CustoSec Monitoring systems. Based on CustoSec HQ  distributed monitoring structures of any size can be build up, no matter if they are local, national or international.

As soon as a CustoSec monitoring system is linked to an HQ-system, all configuration data as well as monitoring data will be transferred automatically to HQ. On HQ-level all systems are monitored as well and it is possible to create notification rules for all events on local level. Notification on HQ-Level will also be by Mail and/or SMS, analogue to the monitoring systems. Also, all data is available for all kind of graphical reports.

Included is an extended version of Report Base, that is capable of managing reports from multiple sources.

CustoSec HQ advantages:

  • powerful central management system for monitoring of large and international network structures.
  • local monitoring systems can be configured independently and stay self governed. Local monitoring, reporting and notification as well as central monitoring, reporting and notification.
  • On HQ-level notifications for each single host or service on local level.
  • Group based reporting and display of monitoring status throughout the network (Like "all network", "all ERP", etc,)
  • No software limitations in numbers of attached local systems