Sensors and Accessories - Environmental Monitoring

CustoSec can be used to monitor physical variables, like temperature, humidity etc. A wide range of sensors and adapters are available. Besides the standard sensors, plug-ins and extensions are available to also monitor radioactivity and professional weather stations.

Sensors are attached either to a local adapter or they are attached to a network adapter, which means, they can be used wherever there is a network. Complex environmental monitoring all over the place can easily be build up and run besides network monitoring.

Sensors are always attached to a adapter, which can be a local adapter, or a LAN adapter.

The CustoSec sensor system:

Sensors System

Basically there are to types of sensor adapters:

  • Local Adapter to connect a maximum of 4 sensors directly to the serial port of CustoSec
  • LAN-Adapter to connect any number of sensors in the network. Any number of sensors can be used within a network.

Sensors of the CustoSec sensor programme can be installed in any combination and attached to the sensor adapters. The main attributes of the sensor system are:

  • sensors always have a RJ45 plug. They can be plugged into any network outlet (Ethernet plug; this has to be patched directly to the network adapter)
  • Any number of sensors can be attached to CustoSec
  • Monitoring of the sensors can be configured individually or in groups. It is possible to have an individual notification plan for each sensor.
  • Depending on the type of sensor, open/shut - states (i.e. motion detection) or numerical values (i.e. temperature) are monitored and reported. On numeric values, a "Warning" and a "Critical" value can be defined.
  • All sensors are easy to configure in CustoSec
  • Graphical presentation of values can easily be implemented in ReportBase

More information on the standard sensor programme as well as additional information can  be found in the Price List Sensors and the Price List Adapters.

Special solutions can be provided for special requirements on demand. Examples from the past are:

  • Monitoring of deep freezer sensors (minus 80 degrees Celsius) in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Monitoring of radio activity in steel industry

By the use of these sensors, it is possible to enhance network monitoring into an environmental monitoring.