ReportBase - Charts and Reports

ReportBase is a reporting and analysis tool for monitoring data and allows to create dashboards (cockpits) to present them.

ReportBase offers the possibility to create revolving charts and reports. In addition revolving reporting data can be made available for other systems.

ReportBase automatically imports data provided by an export interface of CustoSec into a local data base. Reporting is conducted outside of CustoSec.

ReportBase advantages:

  • Powerful template system for creating charts
  • Revolving update of charts and reports
  • Generation of individual export files to other systems
  • Dashboard generator for individual dashboards and presentations

ReportBase is available in 2 Versions:

  • as a plug-In for CustoSec Monitoring Systems. This system can be installed and implemented in CustoSec by way of the update system in CustoSec. Monitoring Data from CustoSec will be imported automatically into the Database of ReportBase. It is possible to import monitoring data from CustoSec into the local ReportBase instance and into a CustoSec HQ-System at the same time in case, CustoSec is implemented within a HQ-environment.
  • as integrated part of CustoSec HQ-Headquarters System: ReportBase is available as a multi-source system with the ability to manage multiple "Sources" (= CustoSec systems delivering data).

ReportBase is a Java application, which is started from a desktop. The start-programm can be downloaded directly from CustoSec once installed (Windows, Linux).