ReportBase - Charts for Monitoring Data

The system provides many different chart types to visualize monitoring data (nagios performance data in CustoSec), which can be chosen from during the template creation. Besides the chart type additional settings can be set to adapt the charts final look:

Values to be presented in the chart:

  • Present the return value of the check with or without the Warn / Critical values
  • Time range of the chart. It is possible to chose from fixed time ranges like:
    • Actual Value (Last Value)
    • Today (Today => From Midnight till now)
    • Last 24 hours (Actual time minus 24 hrs, revolving)
    • Actual week (Actual week since week begin/midnight till now; Note: Week begin is a parameter that can be set to Monday or Sunday)
    • Actual month (Sine the 1st of this month till now)
    • Actual year (Since 1st of January this year till now)
  • Besides those fixed time ranges, a free time range like "last xx hours/days/weeks/months" can be defined
  • A time range can always be calculated based on system time or on time of the last data import (which means in the first case, inactive checks not sending data any more will slowly "run out" and then have a chart without values; in the second case the chart will be frozen with the last values of the last data import on this check).

Settings for the Charts:

  • Data format (png, jpg)
  • Size of the image in pixels (width, height)
  • Texts and legends (headers, right, left texts, footer, names of axes and lines
  • Date and time format
  • Background: a single colour of a background picture, which can be uploaded

There are different types of charts available for different type of monitoring data:

Charts for single or multiple hosts

To visualize the status of a host status (up, down, unreachable), usually a pie chart is used. There are three variants of a pie chart available:

Single Pie Chart

To present the status (actual or time range) of one or multiple hosts in one chart.

Ring Chart

Like the pie, to visualize the status (actual or time range) of one or multiple hosts in one chart.

Multi-Pie Chart

To visualize multiple hosts (actual or time range) individually in one chart.

Charts for service checks

There are different chart types that are useful for different types of service checks

Pie and Ring Charts

Like on hosts, these types are available for service checks as well and useful to present status data of a service (ok, warn, critical)

Time charts

This chart is well suited for service checks that return numerical values. They are presented on a time line.

Examples: checks for temperature, hdd usage, cpu usage, etc.

Warn and Critical - Values can be extracted from the check itself or entered as fixed values within the chart.

Thermometer Chart

Another chart type for displaying numeric values is the thermometer chart. Colours, outline etc. can be adapted individually.

Dial Chart

The dial chart display the actual value and can additionally show 3 ranges indicating ok, warn or critical.

Meter Chart

Another chart type to present values of a check. Again, one value is shown and a colour coding can be defined to indicate the ok, warn, critical ranges. 


All these charts can be customized individually with colours, labels, outline, etc. (More information on this can be found in the ReportBase Online Documentation).

If defined so, the charts will be updated regularly (revolving reports). Each single chart can be part of one or many different cockpits or dashboards as defined in ReportBase Cockpits (see link). Or they can be downloaded from or incorporated into any other external application by a http-link.

RB Examples - Host actual status with pie chart

RB Examples - Actual State Host Group - Multiple Pie Chart Einzeldarstellung

RB Examples - Host State (Time Range) Ring Chart

RB Examples - Time Series Chart for numeric values

RB Examples - Thermometer Chart for actual numeric values

RB Examples - Dial Chart for actual numeric values

RB Examples - Meter Chart for actual numeric values